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Bumps are not all created equal

Danielle Bolton shows off her bump in honor of Bump Day, August. 3.

I am experiencing what many would call a “later in life” pregnancy. At 36-years-old, my body is just not the same as it was when I was 23 and an active duty Marine. So, it would not be fair of me to try and compare this pregnancy with my previous ones nor should I try to compare with anyone else for that matter. Although, let’s be honest here, I do … all the time. It is really hard to see a friend, who is due weeks if not months before you, who is barely showing.

Asymptomatic Zika Infections

photo by Muhammad Mahdi Karim

One of the biggest unknowns about Zika viral illnesses is the number of patients who contract the disease but have a sub-clinical or asymptomatic illness. The incidence of asymptomatic Zika is critical to understanding how the illness is spread. Can an asymptomatic patient pass the virus to another person through sex? Can an asymptomatic patient infect a mosquito that bites him and infect the mosquito enough that the mosquito can transmit the virus to another human?

Zika in Florida May Now Be Local

Local transmission of zika

The July 27 report from the Florida Department of Health contained the news that an additional two cases of Zika viral illness are being investigated by public health authorities as non-travel related. The total for the state is now four such cases. The DoH has not confirmed if the four patients contracted their illnesses through local transmission of the virus, through sex or by some other means.

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