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Ancient Afghan aqueducts receive cleaning

Local villagers and Mississippi National Guard members peer into a karez from above

Subterranean aqueducts, or karez in Persian, have provided rural Afghan villages with water for centuries in a land perpetually challenged with poor resources. In many places throughout the war torn country, however, karez have fallen into disrepair. The Mississippi National Guard Agricultural Development Team is working in Zabul province, Afghanistan, to help villagers repair the problems caused by years of neglect.

Prehistoric Arizona unearthed

The location of Luke AFB attracted the Native Americans who lived here 5,000 years ago as well as the Air Force in the 1940s.

“The land here is in a great location,” Hall said. “You have the White Tank Mountains and the Aqua Fria River both right here close by. There was food and water at hand, and we think they may have moved between the foothills and the river over their course through the valley.”

Traditional Afghan Methods With a Little Improvement

An Afghan worker throws a rock into a well to test for water in a collapsed karez

Coalition forces and local Afghan villagers worked together to reconnect access to an underground karez that supplies water for over 1000 families in a village just outside of Shindand Air Base in Herat province on March 7, 2011.

The 300-year-old karez, an underground aqueduct, runs through the air base and collapsed after heavy rains flooded the area in February.

Babylon Museum Restored and Reopened

Iraqi girl sings a song

The U.S. supported project cost nearly $300,000 and features a replica of the famous Ishtar Gate, several beautiful outdoor color murals, and architecturally appropriate front and side gates. The inside of the museum has many exhibits that bring the past to life. Some of these include a portion of a brick wall with the Lion of Babylon emblazoned on it, many backlit pictures of historical Babylon, and a model of the old layout of the city.

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