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Ancient Afghan aqueducts receive cleaning

Local villagers and Mississippi National Guard members peer into a karez from above

Subterranean aqueducts, or karez in Persian, have provided rural Afghan villages with water for centuries in a land perpetually challenged with poor resources. In many places throughout the war torn country, however, karez have fallen into disrepair. The Mississippi National Guard Agricultural Development Team is working in Zabul province, Afghanistan, to help villagers repair the problems caused by years of neglect.

Preserving a historic coal town

“Today, many of the original structures are still standing, providing a good example of how folks used to live and of the coal mining heritage, which is paramount in southern Colorado,” said Kumm. “We’re very excited the soldiers are here. We’re going to have far more of this project done that we could have ever have done without them.”

Lindsay Muse – a black American

While researching my family tree online, I came across this entry in a compilation of old newspaper reports from the Hunterdon County Democrat, published in New Jersey. I had never heard of Lindsay Muse and began looking for more information. What I have found suggests that this black American would be a worthy inclusion in any Black History month observance.

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