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Operation Continuing Promise 2008 – 1

It wasn’t so long ago that the appearance of a United States Naval vessel off the coast of a Central or South American nation meant only one thing. The Marines were landing, either to prop up an existing government or to replace it. The history of United States interventions in the affairs of other nations in our hemisphere goes back to nearly the founding of our country. You cannnot blame the citizens of Latin American nations if they have a suspicious view of the United States and the United States Navy.

Texas Medic Wins Silver Star – 2nd Woman to Do So

Army Spc. Monica Lin Brown saved the lives of fellow soldiers after a roadside bomb tore through a convoy of Humvees in the eastern Paktia province in April 2007, the military said.

After the explosion, which wounded five soldiers in her unit, Brown ran through insurgent gunfire and used her body to shield wounded comrades as mortars fell less than 100 yards away, the military said.

Ten Heroes Needing Recognition

Every now and then you read a plaintive cry in one media outlet or another about the lack of heroes in the War on Terror. The sad truth is that when a man or woman is a hero both the military and the media fail to cover the story. Many heroes’ stories are found only in the Military Times or the Times version for their branch of service. I’ve covered just over 300 stories here at America’s North Shore Journal and each and every one cries out for more recognition.

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