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Medical Mindset Hampers US Ebola Efforts

Medical personnel mask up at Ebola center in Liberia

Western medical practice has to redevelop the sense of alarm that there should be when faced with an Ebola. Just as a patient from a bad auto accident or one having a heart attack triggers a rapid and detailed response, so should one with a potentially contagious illness. It requires more education for medical professionals, and an alertness that is too often lacking. Ho-hum medicine spreads infectious illnesses.

California Air National Guard Conducts Rescue off Coast of Mexico

Eric and Charlotte Kaufman are on board the 36-foot Rebel Heart with their two daughters, Cora, 3, and Lyra, 1.

The 129th RQW received a call late this morning from the U.S. Coast Guard concerning a seriously ill 1-year-old girl onboard a 36-foot sailing vessel, Rebel Heart. The infant requires treatment beyond the capabilities of those on board, and because of the vessel’s remote location in the Pacific Ocean and the dire need for medical care, the 129th RQW accepted the mission.

ND Guardsman helped save life in Devils Lake

Maj. Mark McEvers, of Devils Lake, N.D..

“It was a team effort by all involved,” McEvers said. “I would like to personally thank the North Dakota National Guard for providing the training on the AED and having them located in our buildings. I am a true believer in their benefits to personnel utilizing our facilities. This organization gave me the knowledge to apply life-saving skills until the emergency responders showed up and took over.”

Special tactics officer saves NC woman

Maj. Francis Damon Friedman smashed the cab window to gain access to the driver of this Toyota Tundra Jan. 29, 2013

The paramedics were not able to fit in the truck with Friedman and the victim, so Friedman reported vitals, gave the medics his initial assessment of her condition, assisted with the IV and applied her neck brace.

He stayed with the woman holding her up for approximately an hour until the Jaws of Life were used to cut open the door, giving the medics access to her.

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