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Category: Tornado Outbreak April 2011

Tornado damaged Lambert Air National Guard base

Damage from tornado at Missouri Air National Guard base

“Sixteen of our 25 buildings sustained some type of damage,” said Air Force Col. Kathleen Hancox, commanding officer of the 131st Mission Support Group. “The newer buildings on the south side of the base sustained the most damage.”

Hancox said damage assessments at the base began as soon as the storm had passed the night of April 22.

“We went through all the buildings with security teams and civil engineers to get a snapshot of exactly what our problems were,” she said. “At this point, to fix everything, it will take a year and cost more than $10.3 million.”

National Guard Responds to Weather Disasters

Sgt. Fadra Brown assists the Wooley family sort through the remnants of their home in the Crescent Ridge area in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

“I want to express my appreciation for what the Guard does,” farmer Mike Gustafson told a North Dakota Guard member. “The effort makes it comfortable for people who are dealing with the stress and the issues that could result from a catastrophic problem.

“It’s sometimes so easy to take for granted what they do, not only throughout the world for security, freedom of the lifestyle we live, but those things they do at the community level … and the presence of them here is extremely appreciated.”

April 2011 Tornado Outbreak

Alabama tornado outbreak April 2011

While the deaths, injuries and economic losses are still being tallied, we wanted to point out some of the assistance which is being given to the victims of the April 2011 tornado outbreak in the American South and Southeast.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive list but we hope it will provide a good look at the overall picture and some of the participants.

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