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Miami Dolphins cheerleaders visit Afghanistan

Miami Dolphins cheerleader Amy Madill eats lunch with Soldiers at Bagram Airfield

Service members who are deployed to Afghanistan rarely enjoy first-class entertainment up close and personal.

However, they were blessed with the grace of the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders as they entertained the troops at Bagram Air Field Sept. 29, 2012. Four cheerleaders and two former Dolphins players arrived at Bagram with the sole purpose of entertaining the troops.

New Orleans Saints cheerleaders visit Iraq

After incorporating themselves into one of the morning exercise routines, Jennifer and Erin spoke in amazement of the camaraderie of the group during their morning workout.

“Everyone was so supportive of each other,” Jennifer explained. “They were constantly encouraging each other, and checking on each other during the run. If one person would have stopped, everyone would have. We all started and ended the run together, and that was great.”

Cheerleaders brighten up troops working in Haiti

The posters advertising them around camp read punch lines and pom-poms, but these women are more than just pretty faces with witty senses of humor. Comedians Carole Montgomery and Leighann Lord, and Miami Dolphins cheerleaders Kellie Covington, Fabiola Romero and Amy Madill, make up the Hijinks and High Kicks Armed Forces Entertainment tour that visited Port-au-Prince from April 27 thru April 29.

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