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Business Services – Banking and Finance

There are several approaches to doing business in modern America. You can find examples pro and con for each, and your specific needs should be the determining factor. I’m talking money. As a business, you can leverage yourself to the hilt. You can refuse to incur debt. Or any degree of financing in between these […]

Business Services – People

You can’t run a business without people. It’s sounds simple but way too many business owners and business services employees forget this maxim. Because, your customers are people. Your co-workers are people. Your bosses and your subordinates are people. Your vendors are people. Cripes, you say. Not another whiny paean to the Sixties theories of […]

Business Services – An Educational Series

Having spent nearly thirty years working in and supervising business offices, I’m beginning a series of posts about the business office. Do’s, don’ts, buying tips, money saving tips, and general information that I’ve learned over the last three decades. What sort of background enables me to write this series? I began as accounts payable coordinator […]

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