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How He Stole Nixon’s ‘Dirty’ Millions

Safe deposit vault at the United California Bank after the 1972 robbery

Guest post: In a daring bank burglary — one of the most elaborate heists in U.S. history — a team of brothers and friends broke into the United California Bank in Laguna Niguel, Calif., in April 1972. They penetrated the building’s thick steel-reinforced walls, circumvented multiple alarms, and dropped down into the state-of-the-art vault, where they emptied hundreds of safe deposit boxes over the course of three nights.

U.S. Slow to Repatriate Abducted Children

Steve Fenton and son

Steve Fenton is a specialty building contractor. After his estranged wife spirited their son, an American, away to Xalapa, Mexico, the father decided he had to take action. With little to no help from the U.S. and Mexican governments after a year and a half, the determined father went on a clandestine recovery mission across the border. What ensued were life-changing events that have defined the lives of father and son.

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