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Elmira, New York Struck By Tornado

The Chemung County Emergency Management Office is reporting a tornado came through the City of Elmira today at approximately 4pm causing significant damage. At this time emergency crews are still assessing the damages and removing downed trees and power lines from the roadways and structures. There are still roads which are impassable throughout the City. Residents are reminded to never go near down trees or power lines.

The hidden horror in the closet

mosquito biting

Nearly everyone has experienced a mosquito bite, the raised bump, the unbearable itching. The story of mosquitoes and man is a complex tale of adaptation, co-existence and far too often, a deadly illness.

The United States, and upstate New York, are very familiar with both mosquitoes and the illnesses they may carry. The ease with which the world interconnects at this time is bringing some strangers to America, new breeds of mosquito and new illnesses.

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