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The Keystone XL Pipeline

pipeline in trench

In September 2008, TransCanada began the process of obtaining all the various clearances and permits to build an oil pipeline from northeastern Alberta Canada to the oil refinery region of eastern Texas in the area of Houston or Port Arthur. The Province of Alberta claims that the oil sands contain the third largest proven crude oil reserve in the world. The Athabasca deposit in Alberta is the largest developed oil sand production site on the planet.

Illegal Immigration and Poverty in America 2010

Non-citizens in America by race 2010

It is difficult to discover anything but estimates on the number of non-citizens living in the United States. Some of these are legal residents. Others have overstayed visas or just crossed the border without documentation.

In its annual report, the Census Bureau attempts to estimate this data and the number of non-citizens living in poverty. These are estimates and could be off by hundreds of thousands. How does this happen?

Hispanic Poverty in America 2010

Hispanic poverty in America by citizenship status

Being Hispanic is not a race thing. It’s an identity thing. Hispanics can be members of any race or any combination of races. The actions of a few Hispanics are unfairly used to tar them all.

Of 305.7 million Americans used as the baseline in the poverty report, Hispanics of all races were 49.9 million or 16.3% of the country’s residents. 12.3 million Hispanics are non-citizens. 75% of all Hispanics living in the United States are citizens.

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