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2nd Circuit Makes LLC Less Attractive

Biz Law Blog The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in McNamee v. IRS, No. 05-6151 just affirmed a federal trial court’s determination that the owner of an LLC (limited liability company) can be held personally liable for unpaid payroll taxes. This is a significant decision, which may well be appealed to the Supreme Court. Go […]

Real GDP

Ace got me thinking about Real GDP. He has a great piece about where the old media sets the bar, for Europe and for the United States. I started digging and created two graphs. This graph tries to illustrate the similarities and differences between this President’s economy and his predecessor. The major point that I […]

The Growth Myth

Dr. Cornwall reminds us of a number of issues in business that every business person should read daily. Beware of the Growth Myth. Focus on growing profits, not sales! Too many entrepreneurs assume that profits always follow sales. This is not always the case. And even when profits do begin to follow sales, cash flow […]

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