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Bulgaria-based Marine unit to deter Russian aggression

U.S. Marines now have tanks, artillery, and light-armored reconnaissance vehicles in Europe to support NATO allies and international partner countries.

U.S. Marines now have tanks, artillery, and light-armored reconnaissance vehicles in Europe to support NATO allies and international partner countries.

Story by Capt. Richard Ulsh
U.S. Marine Corps Forces Europe and Africa
STUTTGART, Germany – U.S. Marines now have tanks, artillery, and light-armored reconnaissance vehicles in Europe to support NATO allies and international partner countries.

The heavy equipment arrived in Bremerhaven, Germany, Sunday, and is bound for Bulgaria. The tanks, artillery, and light armored reconnaissance vehicles will be loaded on trains and moved across Europe demonstrating our allies’ and international partners’ ability to move heavy equipment across the region to support operations during a crisis.

Using this equipment, Marines will train alongside allies’ and partners’ mechanized units collectively improving combined arms skills and anti-armor tactics. Accompanied by more than 160 Marines, the tanks, artillery, and light-armored reconnaissance vehicles comprise the Combined Arms Company. The unit will make up part of the Black Sea Rotational Force, but will be based at the Novo Selo Training Area in Bulgaria.

“The transportation of a Marine Corps combined arms capability in the Black Sea region has fostered improved communication and coordination with the allied force and its partners,” said Lt. Col. John Sattely, director of logistics for U.S. Marine Corps Forces Europe and Africa. “The result of this collaboration and coordination is that the various agencies and organizations involved are familiar with each other now rather than learning about one another after a crisis happens.”

The Black Sea Rotational Force is a semi-annual rotation of Marines and Sailors able to respond to a broad range of military operations in the U.S. European Command area of responsibility. The Black Sea Rotational Force is based at the Mihail Koglinceanu Air Base in Romania.

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