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Blogging Changes

We’ve made some changes around here and I’d like to detail what’s been done.

We’ve upgraded to WordPress Version 2.3.3.

The new theme is called The Morning After. It’s version 1.2, by Arun Kale and is available at his site The Masterplan.

Categories are now available via a collapsing menu. Formatting problem for now, with the box too big for its location. I’ll figure it out.

Here are the plugins currently in use:

  • Akismet 2.1.4: Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not.
  • Auto-Close Comments 0.2: Does just what it says. I hacked the default 21 days but I don’t remember to what. Prevents spam on those old posts.
  • Broken Link Checker 0.3.3: Does what it says. When I began, I did not know Yahoo didn’t keep its URLs, and the Marines don’t either. So, I have a lot of broken links. Nice thing is, if the link is broken, it displays with a line through it.
  • Customizable Comment Listings 0.9: Looks nice, and makes comments more useful.
  • Display Future Posts 0.1.0: Similar to the Sneek Peeks widget in the previous theme, but is not working as I write this. My error, not the plugin’s, I’m sure.
  • EasyDonation 1.0: My Pay Pal button. Have YOU donated yet?
  • Enzymes 2.2: I’m running this because I have some old posts that use it. Uses the custom field in WordPress in some unique and useful ways.
  • Google XML Sitemaps Another must. Allows Google and other sites to easily spider your site and list your content.
  • In Series 3.0.12: Allows you to produce a Table of Contents for a series of related posts and puts it in each of the posts in the series. Wonderful plugin. I’m still working on formatting it in this theme correctly.
  • No Self Pings 0.2: A must. Prevents trackbacks and pings from you to you, when you link to another one of your posts. Just plain good housekeeping.
  • No Widget Category Cloud .02: A good idea that I have not got working correctly yet. Creates a category cloud without a widget.
  • Organizer 1.2.1: Improves significantly on WordPress’s handling of images. I use it to resize pics mostly, and to track down where I put an existing pic so I can use it in another post.
  • SEO_Wordpress 2.2.1: I’m not sure I’m using this correctly but it is intended to assist in improving SEO results.
  • Simple Tags This adds to the writer’s ability to tag the post with subjects. SEO related.
  • Simple Trackback Validation 2.1: A good way to prevent some spam that uses trackbacks to get in.
  • WP-AddQuicktag 0.4: Probably the most useful plugin for writing posts. It allows you to set up a button on the writing menu for WordPress to do something that you do a lot but for which there is no shortcut. I have a letter “T” that adds the “target=”_blank” to URLs, as an example.
  • WP-EMail 2.11: Came with the theme. Makes it easier for the reader to e-mail a post.
  • WP-GenericFooter 0.2: Still working on how this will fit into the new theme. Allows you to add something, a link, an image, etc. to the bottom of every post. Not to be confused with the footer for the site.
  • WP-Print 2.11: Came with the theme. Makes it easier for the reader to print a post.

Still to come: images for posts on the main screen, some graphics for the main screen, a better contact page, a listing of all pages on the main screen, plus the fixes mentioned above.

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Updated: February 28, 2017 — 2:00 am
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