Out of Business

America’s North Shore Journal has ceased publication as of March 31, 2017. After 15 years, it is time to explore new things.

I have been sick since November, 2016, and just got back to this site yesterday. I discovered that it had been hacked, perhaps multiple times. A great deal of information was destroyed or altered.

I am proud to have been able to provide my readers with some unique, important content, over the years.

The Stingy List documented the donations of Americans and American companies to tsunami relief efforts following the Boxing Day earthquake in Indonesia. Over a billion dollars, while UN officials were describing us as “stingy”.

I proudly covered the U.S. military’s relief efforts in Haiti after its earthquake. I covered the relief effort for Hurricane Katrina and that for Hurricane Sandy.

I interviewed dozens of serving members of the military, from general officers to enlisted. Some of the interviews were exclusive.

During 2016, I devoted a great deal of space to the Zika outbreak. I researched and posted data on microcephaly in the United States and in Brazil, and on the mysteries around the Brazilian Zika outbreak. I interviewed researchers and physicians, again with many exclusives.

Everything on the Internet has a “past due” date, and I believe that time has come for America’s North Shore Journal. It was so named because I live on the shore of Lake Ontario, America’s north shore.

God bless you all.
Chuck Simmins